torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Här kommer  mina välkomsthälsningar på spårbilskonferensen i Washington som öppnade i går onsdag. Fantastiskt roligt och tro mig...spårbilen kommer

Podcar City Conference Washington 23-25 october 2013
Welcoming Remarks by Hans Lindqvist
Chariman of the KOMPASS Network Sweden

A new Green transportation Deal  

Good morning ladies and gentleman
My name is Hans Lindqvist, chairman of the KOMPASS Network for podcars in Sweden,
Last Year we were in Berlin, targeting mayors, councillers, senior city staff, planners and transport  authorities from nine countries in the World.

My headline for that conference was  A new Green Transportation Deal.
That is still valuable.

First of all, we are very glad to be with you all here in Washington on Podcar City 7 Conference. This conference is the worlds largest meeting on this topic, the seventh since the first gathering in Uppsala, Sweden 2007.

But this is more than a conference.  It is a design for tomorrows lifestyle. It is a planning for the next generation of new sustainable cities in USA, India, Germany and Sweden. It is a planning for innovation in transport in to the ideas of Automatic Transit.  It is an important step into the future.        

KOMPASS is a network for podcars in Sweden. We have 12- 15 cities and municipalities as members who have gone far in planning. (picture 1) We cooperate with plans, opinion work, exhibitions and seminars. We are at a stage to start up the first pilot lines where Uppsala and Sigtuna/Arlanda (Picture 2) are in the front.
We need to cooperate with other cities and regions that develop the idea like  You here in Washington, San José, Heathrow, Masdar, Suncheon and Amritsar in India and many other places.

Dear Friends,
Climate threat, accidents, congestion, and valuable space are swallowed by roads and parking places. Today´s transportation system is bleeding. We need a new transportation ideology. 
 ATN- systems like  podcars  are utilizing the best in the private car system as well as in the public transportation one.
Low construction, energy and operating costs, can be solar-and wind powered, climate friendly, adjusted to disabled and elderly people, no waiting time, no congestion, no accidents.

On this Conference we will discuss our plans for the future. What is a better time than now for governments and mayers to invest in a new modern transportation system, to complement and improve what we have today. Meeting the climate change, new jobs and a more sustainable world. Making life easier and environment and climate to feel better.

Let us start our work for a new green transportation deal to the world

Very much Welcome all to the 7th Podcar City Conference in Washington

Thank You


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